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    Gabriel joined the Eternal Brandings team in January 2012 as an entry level graphics designer. He brought with him a passion for art and a shared understanding of the importance of personalized service. These skills, along with his talent and drive allowed him grow and mold himself into the Eternal Brandings' Director of Art. He now leads the art department with such creativity and organization that we've fondly nicknamed him

    The 007 of Art.

    Gabriel, Director of Art

    Learn more about Gabriel, The Director of Art

    We know you're impressed with our Art, Director of Art; but, you might be asking yourself, 'What is full service art and how does it benefit me?' Great question, that's why we're all here.


    When you select a product online, you will be prompted to attach your logo art file and provide additional instructions. Simply click "Choose File", attach your logo art file, and include your desired imprint color* and any additional instructions. That's it! Click save and add your selection to cart.

    You will be contacted via email** by our art department within 3-5 business days of placing your order. Our art department will create a product rending of your order with your logo art for your pre-approval before production. Productions begins once your rendering has been approved.

    If you do not have a custom business logo, please contact Worlds Best Logo for design assistance.

    We are always happy to take orders over the phone at (386) 214-0267 or via email Info@eternalbrandings.com.***

    Contact our CUSTOMER SERVICE for additional information and FREE samples!

    Don't forget to create your FREE online membership to monitor your orders and receive special discounts.**

    We provide this level of personalized service because we believe in Branding That Cares!

    *imprint colors are based on product selection and availability.
    **email provided at time of membership activation. membership activation is required upon checkout.
    ***non-web orders still require some form of art file to complete order, unless a blank order is requested. in the event an art file is not provided upon order submission an art file will be requested by the art department. in these cases an order may take an additional 7-10 business days to process.


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