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Our Story

We are family orientated and operate as a caring family, providing personalized products exclusively to the funeral home industry.

In 2006, Patty Fay discovered a need for product solutions in the funeral industry. Reaching out to the Chief Operating Officer of Lohman Funeral Homes, Nancy Lohman revealed the true industry need. The demand for temporary cremation containers stuck out, in particular. It occurred to Patty and Nancy both, that for grieving family members, choosing an urn in a timely manner was typically not a first thought. This realization was the seed from which grew the Urn Bag and the foundation of Eternal Brandings LLC.

Patty worked for a large marketing firm when she met with Nancy. Inspired, Patty separated from the firm and as an independent offered this niche market through several companies. Remaining true to her muse, Eternal Brandings PLUS was established in 2006, as a division Patty’s initial employer which catered to the funeral industry. Eternal brandings, PLUS continued as a division of other companies. Pamela Rivers lead the development of the back-end, forming the initial operating system for one of these many companies. Almost a decade later and two system over-halls later, Eternal Brandings, Inc. was founded by Pamela Rivers.

Our goal is simply ensuring our industry families have access to the product solutions, quality service, and affordable prices that allow them to provide that extra care to their families is our way of carrying on this vision, for generations to come.    



When it comes to personalized service, Patty Fay and her team really make you feel like family. They work directly with you to ensure you get exactly what you expect.

Chuck Hutchinson(Austin Pet)

The personalized service we received from Gabriel and the art department was second to non. We were unsure of how we wanted our image to look, and he took the time to show us several options.

Victor March(March Funeral Homes)

Our team


Pamela Rivers (Owner & CEO)

Having worked behind the scenes with Patty Fay, I assisted with the initial development of Eternal Brandings when it was a division of another company while in college. As an engineering student, the behind-the-scenes operating system intrigued me. I wanted to use my education to create and implement the best process flow possible, given available resources. As new resources became available, I would further develop and improve operations. Since graduation, I found a great passion for what I do, not only internally. Each satisfied customer makes all the hard work worth while. Future planning in March of 2016 bestowed the great honor and responsibility of ownership of the company I love and helped build. I look forward to making Patty Fay, my company, and our loyal customers proud.


Patty Fay(Director of Sales & Marketing)

I’m Patty Fay, I’ve always really enjoyed working with Pamela Rivers.  I grew up in a family that made a career of producing imprinted goods. When I became a promotions coordinator for such major corporations as AT&T, my childhood experience gave me an advantage. At that time, my job was to coordinate all aspects of branding and promotionally imprinted products for various uses. My knowledge of production gave me further advantages in negotiating on behalf of my bosses. 

Years later I began working for a very large promotional company. I met Nancy Lohman and with her guidance began to serve her peers. This grew into many others positions with a division then known as Eternal Brandings Plus to serve the funeral industry. Pamela had been a woman behind the scenes coordinating this division no one else had much interest in. I am equally pleased to be her Director of Sales and Marketing as I spend the next 5-10 years working towards my retirement. 


Gabriel Buchanan(Director of Art)

Beginning with Eternal Brandings in January of 2012 as an entry level graphic designer; I quickly proved my worth. The quality of my designs, creativity, and organizational skills helped me to stand out from other designers. Becoming a permanent member of this team has been wonderful and the potential for advancement is very real. Recently, I have taken on more administrative responsibilities. My team is always there to support and encourage and I enjoy working with them. I am proud to say I have contributed to the growth and success of this company. My mission is to continue growing with Eternal Brandings and ensuring our clients satisfaction on all service levels.


Amanda Weeks(Social Media Administrator)

Hello, my name is Amanda. Born and raised in the Daytona Beach, Florida, I am 28 years old and a mother to a beautiful daughter. I joined the Eternal Brandings team in 2013. I love being a part of this family owned company. I am able to work from home and spend quality time with my family. Pamela and Patty are awesome to work with. It's amazing to see how much progress this company has achieved in the years since I joined. I am honored to be a part of this growing family company and to grow with them.